Christmas Has Arrived

The jolliest time of the year is finally upon us! Everyone is so busy picking out trees, hanging Christmas lights, shopping for gifts—this is universally the most desirable hustle of the year. All around the globe, people enjoy the cheerful atmosphere that Christmas brings as it is mainly a time for family gatherings. Christmas is unequivocally the time of giving—people give whatever they could on that day: money, gifts, food, or sheer love. Children all over the world patiently and enthusiastically await Santa on Christmas Eve, filled with absolute joy and wonderment on what he shall grant them this year. So, Santa sneaks in children’s houses at this joyous night, with his mysterious list of kids who have been good, and kids who have been bad. It’s incredible how children all over the globe value the opinion of that old jolly man who flies from house to house on a miniature sleigh led by eight flying reindeers! Santa Claus, who is historically known as the patron of children as he helped children and poor people in the past, is capable enough to make children behave well all year to be worthy of his presents.

Christmas is not just a time for giving, it’s a time for sharing happiness universally. Happiness can be manifested in multiple ways; gifts, a good meal, family gathering, old Christmas movies and songs—each person finds their own happiness that speaks to them on Christmas. As for myself, ever since I was a child, my heart would merrily dance when I drink that cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows on Christmas morning, or when my family and I would gather around the fireplace roasting marshmallow s’mores. Happiness is interpreted differently by people, it has been found that candy has been the universal language for happiness in all age groups. Have you ever seen someone not excited when offered candy? Neither have I! Candy is always a great and inexpensive gift to spread happiness unto your loved ones: gummy bears, licorice, marshmallows would suffice to draw an indescribable smile upon the face of a 6-year-old or a 60-year-old.

So, let’s evoke that incomparable feeling of warm happiness among one another on this joyous time when everyone is optimistically expecting a happier new year, too! Do not hesitate to ignite that fuzzy feeling inside anyone you meet, a kind smile, a compliment, flowers, a fancy or a small gift, or even delicious candy would make someone’s day on these holidays. Be like a sweet, huggable gummy bear, never like bitter licorice, and stay as soft as a marshmallow.