Happy New Sweet Year!

The countdown to the new year has begun! Celebrations are all around the corner, everyone’s celebrating in their own way. Are you picking your brains for a festive way to celebrate the end of a tiresome year? There’s no sweeter way to celebrate, but by gifting candy to your loved one to make their day, or by indulging in some delicious candy of your own while watching the amazing fireworks at 12 AM. Not sure what kind of candy you’d like to spend NewYear’s Eve with? We’re here to help!

Gummy bears is absolutely the first thing you should get! I mean, it’s New Year’s Eve; it’s cold outside and all you need is a warm gummy bear hug to warm you up inside. What more do you need than vibrant colors that makes you thrilled? Or the perfectly shaped bears with their arms calling for you, “eat me!”. The appearance of the bears alone with their symmetrical shape and bright colors make a perfect painting that you’d want to devour! Let alone their unmatched taste; the tender but chewy, smooth, jelly texture is enough to send your tongue into a total state of euphoria. You can never eat just one gummy bear when you find such perfect texture. The flavors are for everyone, too! Do you like apples? Not a big fan of oranges? Would totally die for raspberry? You got it. You can always find your match among a sea of rich, fruit flavors that are the perfect amount of sweet that would make you eat up a handful of gummy bears without even knowing so.

If the gummy bears did not warm you up a bit, we’re pretty sure some nostalgia will do the trick. A decade ago, when most of us were just kids we loved our local cola jelly because it was tasty, accessible, and  we always loved pretending we were drinking actual cola with the jelly. The cola jelly has always reminded us of a simpler time, but now it’s time to try some premium cola jelly with a much richer taste than the bland taste that amazed us as kids!

I mean, who could say no to the original taste of childhood, but with the much better deliciousness that you deserve? Go ahead, and do not think twice about giving your taste buds the happiness that they deserve, or even share our exceptional candy with your loved ones on the happiest night of the year!